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RJC Dance Member Spotlight: Oliver Hargreaves

26th March 2024

In Meanwood, Leeds just a stone's throw from RJC Dance, resides a young talent whose energy and enthusiasm are as infectious as his dance moves. Oliver Hargreaves, a budding dancer with a penchant for contemporary styles, has quickly become a valued member of the RJC Dance family, igniting stages and hearts with his passion for movement and rhythm.

Oliver, affectionately known as Oli, embarked on his journey with RJC Dance a little over a year ago. For Oliver's Mum, Liz, and Dad, Sam, supporting their son's passion became a commitment that they wholeheartedly embraced. Despite the demands of Boys Noize sessions falling on Saturdays, Liz and her family have rallied behind Oliver's love for dance, recognising the transformative power it held for him. "It was a big decision for us," Liz admits, "but seeing Oliver's joy and dedication, we knew it was worth every sacrifice."

Oliver Hargreaves and his mum, Liz

Oliver Hargreaves and his mum, Liz

Oliver's journey at RJC Dance was sparked by the inspiration of seeing Liz’s goddaughter, Peggy, perform in a showcase. "We saw her in the showcase and he said 'I really want to do that'." From that moment on, there was no turning back.

Transitioning from the Junior sessions to Boys Noize, Oliver found his groove in the dynamic blend of contemporary and street dance, he explains "I'm really interested in contemporary, so the Boyz Noize group is ideal."

Oliver’s Grandad Paul and Abuelita Ana Maria have been impressed by his commitment to continue with his dance, and sponsor him to attend. When they came to see Oliver perform at the 30th Anniversary RJC Dance Showcase, they loved the whole show and bowled over by what they saw. Grandad Paul said:

“I was blown away by the performance and also by the incredible history and positive community that RJC Dance has created. We’re so happy to be a small part of it, in Oliver’s joyful contribution.’’

Oliver and his grandparents

Oliver and his grandparents after the RJC Dance 30th anniversary showcase

The impact of Boys Noize goes beyond the dance floor for Oliver and his family. Liz beams with pride as she recounts the transformative journey her son has undertaken. "He's been so enthusiastic about it," she says, "it's been great to see him practising on his own, making his own routines – it's been great." From solo practice sessions to performing alongside his peers, Oliver's growth as a dancer and as a person has been nothing short of remarkable.

Reflecting on his experience, Oliver's eyes light up with excitement. "It was really inspiring," he shares, recalling the electrifying energy of the showcase performances. For Liz, witnessing Oliver's journey has been a source of immense pride and joy. "We're all so proud of Oliver," she beams, "… that he's part of something that's so positive, with a community that nurtures and inspires him every step of the way."

As Oliver looks to the future, the possibilities seem limitless. With dreams of pursuing dance as a career, fuelled by the encouragement of his teachers and mentors, he sets his sights on a path paved with passion and determination. "My teacher said if I continue with my commitment and the dancing I'm doing inside and outside school, that could be an option," Oliver shares, his voice tinged with excitement and anticipation.

Beyond dance, Oliver's interests span a diverse range of activities, from capoeira and drama to rugby and basketball. Embracing the rich tapestry of experiences that life has to offer, he finds joy in each new challenge and opportunity that comes his way. And with the unwavering support of his extended family and the empowering community of RJC Dance by his side, Oliver's journey is only just beginning.

Header image photo credit: Foto Priganica

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