FREE Autumn Dance Camp 2016

Posted 05-10-2016
For Boys & Girls 12-17year old.All abilities welcome24-28 October 10:30am -2:30pm daily, Moortown Baptist Church Hall, Leeds LS17 6AASupported by the Young Peoples activity fund through the Inner North East Community Committee a FREE activity for young people who are new to the organisation.  .

Nu Blu Carnival Boys Troupe 2016 Featuring Soca Cheer Girls

Posted 31-08-2016
Nu Blu Carnival boys troupe, inspired by traditional masquerade characters of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival and J’ouvert. The young people from RJC Dance youth provision designed costumes based on the paramin blue devils, jab molassie and the dragon & imps - alongiside video games, films and sci fi as inspiration .The movements are based on research from Caribbean ole mas…

One Amongst Millions

Posted 09-08-2016
University of Leeds, RJC Dance & The Blahs collaborated.Stimulus - photograph taken in the Palace of Justice WW2, Nuremburg ("Nazi War Trials" location). Shahck Out Youth Dance (SOYD) were lectured by Dr Petzold & met holocaust survivor Iby Knill. SOYD explored the fusion of dance, theatre & music. Performances were given at RJC Dance Studio & Leeds University Workshop Theatre…

Awards for RJC Dance Youth Provision 2016

Posted 09-08-2016
12 Arts Awards were acheived at Bronze level by Shahck Out Youth dance members. Very well done and congratulations to all.

Celebrating Mandela - The Legacy

Posted 13-06-2016
Celebrating Mandela - the legacy, will be held at our studio on Saturday 9th July from 2-4pm. Part of the Chapeltown Arts Festival which takes place at various venues from 4-10th July, this performance extravaganza is suitable for all the family. We will be sharing our connection to South Africa and the struggles for social justice. The event will showcase…

KES, from the West Yorkshire Playhouse at the Mandela Centre

Posted 13-06-2016
KES, the play by Barry Hines has been adapted for the stage by West Yorkshire Playhouse and will be perfomed at the newly refurbished RJC Dance studio at the Mandela Centre on Saturday 18th June 2016, at 7pm. 'Billy Casper is just another one of those kids; living with his mother and bully of a brother, Jud. He's all alone,…